9 Port Power Supply Box Pro

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Powers all cameras in a single location.

10 Amp @ 12VDC supply current 100-240VAC 60Hz input. 12VDC Output. 9 PTC Fused protected outputs. AC Power Switch, Power LED indicator. Dimensions: 9.5 H x 8.0 W x 3.25 D Max Amp @ 1.6 amp per channel Power cable Included. Features: - Each output has individual PTC fuse (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and LED indicator. Individual outputs retain working condition when one is compromised. - Circuit short Protection: When a short condition occurs, each individual PTC fuse will open the circuit. When the condition is removed, the PTC fuse will automatically return to closed. - High Voltage Protection: When a high voltage situation occurs, the surge protection will be hit through to protect the connected devices (CCTV camera etc) - Over-current Protection: When over current occurs the power supply will automatically switch to self-protected status. It will switch back to normal upon removal of the condition. - Application: CCTV Cameras, PTZ, IR illuminators, Video Process Equipment, Access Control Reader, Lock, Panel, etc.